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These are my personal workouts I’ve used to get in the best shape of my life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are a male or female, beginner or professional, this workout program is for you and will give you the results you deserve!

I decided to structure my workout program for you differently than other programs. In my opinion, the biggest issue with most workout programs is they require you to do a specific workout on a specific day and time. These types of programs are difficult to complete because they don’t allow flexibility for people who have busy work and family lifestyles, like me and you.

This program was designed with your busy schedule in mind, and allows you to conquer it however fast or slow you want. You can workout as many days per week as your schedule allows, and take a rest day when you feel you need one. But you must finish every single workout. 

Along the way, you will learn over 100 different exercises and challenge yourself with supersets, drop sets, tempo training, ab routines, and tabata cardio. Additionally, I have provided links for each exercise that demonstrates how to perform the exercise and gives you tips on execution.

What’s important is that you make progress and finish the program. As they say: “The secret to happiness is progress”. Without question at the end of this program you will be a stronger, better looking, better feeling person, with more confidence to conquer adversity and succeed than ever before. The only question is whether you will stop halfway through, or finish all the workouts and raise your head in glory. I’m no different than you. If it works for me it will work for you. I’m confident my workout program will work for you, but only if you are ready to work for you!


  • 30 different workout routines
  • Ab Routines
  • Exercise descriptions and tutorials
  • Sets and reps listed for each exercise
  • Advanced Workout Tips & Techniques
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